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Client Video Testimonials...  Although we love the fact that the rich and famous who have found their way out of the nicotine maze using Allen Carr’s Method are happy to wax lyrical about how they got their life back by ending their smoking addiction, there are millions more ordinary people for whom 5 hours in a room with a group of other smokers found their life changed forever, for the better.
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Rather than giving you only faceless quotations from former clients, we are now pleased to be able to bring you a growing number of video client testimonials, where you can see completely UNEDITED videos of successful clients talking about their whole experience from when they started smoking up until the day they stopped at an Allen Carr’s Easyway Clinic
“Being a smoker is like being inside a complicated maze - it’s as if Allen Carr has the map out of that maze.” Sir Anthony Hopkins
MICHELLE TWOMEY ...Michelle Twomey had never tried to stop smoking before coming to an Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking Clinic. However, like many of our clients, she had read Allen’s book, but believed she needed a little more help. She got it, and quit smoking on Feb 5th 2012.
MIKE BURT Mike came to the Allen Carr Clinic in Preston, Lancashire after his wife, Denise, had successfully stopped smoking for 4 years after visiting the cinic. Mike smoked his last cigarette on September 18th, 2011 and his household is now fully non-smoking!
The Video Evidence...
SARAH HIRD Sarah Smoked her final cigarette on March 11th 2012 at our Liverpool Clinic held in Knowsley. In this video she reveals why she thinks ‘Easyway’ is called ‘Easy’!
VIKI ROBINSON Viki tells of how she actually LOST 2 STONE in WEIGHT after her Easyway Session and how when she attended the session it kick started a series of life changes all of which are positive. She smoked her last cigarette Feb 5th in Liverpool - she sat next to Michelle Twomey!
SUSAN EDGE ...Susan smoked her last cigarette in February 2012 after attending our clinic in Lancashire. Please watch this short video to find out her experiences before and after attending the Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking Clinic.
MARK WHEATON Mark Wheaton wasn’t even convinced that he even wanted to stop smoking when he attended our clinic in Liverpool. Now he says he can’t even remember buying a packet of cigarettes, despite having been a smoker for 35 years. He smoked his final cigarette on 11th Jan 2009.
DENISE MURRISON Denise single handedly explodes the myth that stopping smoking means putting on weight. After stopping smoking at our Lancashire Clinic she lost FOUR STONE in weight, while her friend, Fiona Mossley, lost TWO STONE! Their last cigarette was March 28th, 2010.
SIMON HOLLAND Simon, who lives in Rawtenstall is a great advocate of the Allen Carr’s Easyway approach. He was quite bemused by some of our methods on the day but like so many others was surprised to be a non smoker by the end of it. His last cigarette was November 20th, 2011.
CHRISTINA LIVESEY Christina’s video testimonial explores some of the post clinic scenarios that many clients fear. She describes social and personal situations which, in the past, would have been difficult for her- these days she doesn’t even think about having a cigarette. Last cigarette - 17th April 2010.
FIONA Fiona, of Leyland in Lancashire is another client who actually managed to lose some weight after her stop smoking session at Allen Carr’s Easyway. She found that quitting empowered her to make other positive changes in her life. Last cigarette - March 28th, 2010.
TERESA SOARS Teresa, from Altrincham, is a busy executive who feared that stopping smoking would cause her to some reduction in concentration and weight gain. She is pleased that neither of these things happened, Last cigarette - July 18, 2009
LINDA BILSBORROW Linda, of Blackpool in Lancashire found that although she never had a cigarette after her main session she still needed a little extra help...so she attended one of the very powerful booster sessions which sorted everything out. Last cigarette - July 17, 2011
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