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Guernsey Clinic
The Clinic Session What happens at the clinic?
Want the good news?  We DON’T make you stand up and tell us your name and announce that you’re a smoker! Watch our video testimonials to see how relaxed our sessions are.
The Clinic Session... ...takes the form of a group seminar at an hotel near you. There are no potions, patches or pills or indeed any medication of any kind.
There are regular smoking breaks. There is no pressure of any kind. Although there is ample opportunity for questions, it is not a discussion group.
You are merely being guided out of the smoking maze once for all. At the end of the session you smoke your final, ritual cigarette and you are already a non smoker. There is then a short relaxation session after which you will be free to go, having thrown your cigarettes into the ‘fag bag’ in the middle of the room.
Smokers find themselves caught inside a trap. They don’t want to be a smoker, but then they want another cigarette, This can lead to fear and confusion and finally the smoker usually ends up just lighting up again. We refer to this as the nicotine maze - you are in a place where you do not want to be but you don’t know how to get out...
The Method
...Smoking is not primarily a physical problem, it is about psychological confusion. And if the problem is psychological, the solution MUST be psychological. As Sir Anthony Hopkins put it - Allen Carr’s Method is the route map out of that maze. With guidance and new information you are taken back in your state of mind to that time before you ever lit that first cigarette.
The Session